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2018 Winter Olympic Opening Ceremony

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5 fastest winter sports

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The Program offers elite scouting, development, exposure and competition plan, in collaboration with the International Federation. The program goal is to field a complete contingent in all disciplines of Natural and Artificial track in both Junior and Senior International World Cup Circuits and The Olympic Winter Games 2026. This Document provides information about the long term sport development plan of LFI, for which you are invited to participate in.

Natural Track

Natural track consists of luge racing on a flat, curved course, usually winding through a forested or wooded area. While not an Olympic sport, natural track does have its own international circuit that consists of World Championship, World Cup, national and regional races. It can be said that natural track is the original form of the sport dating back hundreds of years.

Artificial Track

Artificial luge tracks have specially designed and constructed banked curves plus walled-in straights. The athletes ride in a flat, aerodynamic position on the sled, keeping their heads low to minimize air resistance. They steer the sled mainly with their calves by applying pressure on the runners—right calf to turn left, left calf to turn right. It takes a precise mix of shifting body weight, applying pressure with calves and rolling the shoulders. There are also handles for minor adjustments.

There are 5 Medal Events for Luge at the Winter Olympics. The singles and doubles events for both men and women while the team relay race includes a team comprised of all the disciplines. In the current 2021/22 season the LFI development program shall be concentrating on developing athletes for the singles event that will provide a strong foundation for athletes who decide to try for other events in the future.

Luge Development Program

Please submit your entries no later than 15th October 2021

  • The program seeks to recruit young men and women athletes in the age category of 13-16 years of age who show an aptitude for the sport of luge in the various sport disciplines.
  • The athletes from the identified age group will be provided a physical aptitude test to be administered by the respective school or sports club. The test results will enable the selectors to evaluate the participants and create a classification that will be used as a basis to invite athletes for the Luge Schools in Europe.
  • Successful candidates will be included in the National (junior) development team and get the chance to learn from elite level coaches from the international Federation and train alongside elite athletes from around the world in their respective age groups. The target of this program is to build India’s Olympic team for the 2026 Olympic Winter Games and beyond.
  • Each year the Indian National Team participates in the international race circuit that includes World Cups, World Championships, and other international open races. All participants in this program will be expected to make themselves available for the activities listed in the schedule and itinerary.
  • LFI will work together with selected athletes and their schools to ensure that they can manage their study requirements along with their sports training schedule.
  • Each school can use the test to evaluate any number of athletes but can nominate a maximum of 4 athletes for each gender.
  • Minimum age is 13 years of age and maximum age is 16 years of age, (Date of Birth Between 01/01/2005 and 31/12/2008)
  • Athletes must complete the LFI physical aptitude test, provided to you.
  • Athletes must complete the attached questionnaire attached to the LFI physical aptitude test.

The following schedule in entirely within the FIL sport ‘bubble’, a safe environment with detailed safety protocols and no external interactions. Details on the SOP’s are provided below. All transportations between venues in Europe are via the international federation provided minibus. Participants will be required to purchase their own return flight tickets for the first point of arrival. All other costs shall be covered by LFI. Teams will be accompanied by one manager from India and the coaching staff are certified by the International Federation and experienced professionals who have competed at the highest levels.

Artificial Track team:

  • 24-10-21      Arrival in Frankfurt (Germany)
  • 25-10-21      Travel to Riga (Latvia)
  • 27-10-21      Luge School, Sigulda (Latvia)
  • 09-11-21      Travel to Winterberg (Germany)
  • 09-11-21      International Training Week Winterberg, (Germany)
  • 15-11-21      International Training Week Bludenz, (Austria)
  • 22-11-21      International Training Week La Plagne (France)
  • 29-11-21      I Junior World Cup (JWC) La Plagne (France)
  • 05-12-21      II Junior World Cup (JWC) Innsbruck (Austria)
  • 12-12-21      Return

Natural Track team:

  • 16-12-21      Arrival in Vienna (Austria)
  • 18-12-21      Luge School, Winterlaiten (Germany)
  • 26-12-21      International Training Week, Winterlaiten (Germany)
  • 30-12-21      Junior World Cup Winterleiten (Germany)
  • 01-10-22      International Training Week, Latsfonz (Italy)
  • 04-01-22      Junior World Cup, Latzfonz (Italy)
  • 06-01-22      International Training Week, Olang (Italy)
  • 10-01-22      International Training Week, (TBD)
  • 17-01-22      Junior World Cup Navis (Austria)
  • 30-01-22      Junior World Cup and Final, Umhausen (Austria)
  • 01-02-22      International Training week, Jaufental (Italy)
  • 04-02-22      Junior World Championships, Jaufental (Italy)
  • 08-02-22      Return

All the participants in the development program will adhere to tried and tested Covid safety protocols mandate by the international federation and will be part of a training bubble with regular testing ensuring the safest environment for the athletes. The latest CoVid-19 prevention hygiene protocol will be shared with you.
A team manger shall always accompany the athletes and will be available to the schools and families of athletes for regular communication and updates. Any additional requirements for accompanying personnel may be proposed by the school or club to LFI.

Sports way of life based on the joy of effort, the educational value of good example, social responsibility and respect for universal fundamental ethical principles. All participants are expected to live up to these principals. The breach of these ethical principles and the fairness in which the aptitude tests are conducted will be independently confirmed by LFI and the athlete who has committed such violations will be subject to sanctions and reimbursement of damages.

Upon completion of the Program, the athletes will be provided with all the certificates to commemorate the national and international level achievements

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